Lockdown lunches

Abi Reid baking away,  reducing food waste across South Yorkshire
Abi Reid
19 Mar 2021

Bored of the same old sarnies? Need some easy lunchtime inspiration that won't break the bank? We've got you sorted with 10 simple lunches that are ready in a flash and great for lunch on the go or to feed our home workers.

Click on any of the dishes below to find our tasty recipes...


Pasta and pesto


A quick, simple and easy way to use up any little bits of veg, salad, meat or nuts lurking in the kitchen.  It travels well, is straightforward to make and will keep in the fridge for a couple of days.


Meat-eater, pescatarian or vegan?  This vegetarian recipe is really easy to adapt to suit your taste.




Carrot, parsnip and split pea soup


A great way to use up root veg in a warming, filling soup that freezes well and can be heated quickly in the microwave or on the stove for a great winter warmer.


This beegan recipe can easily be made vegan for those who also avoid honey.



Sweetcorn fritters


These quick, easy and versatile fritters are simple to make and easy to adapt to whatever you have in.  They are a hit with all the family and a great way to get the kids to try new things.


These vegetarian fritters are a tasty treat that go really well with a tasty salad or on their own, they even work with a little splash of ketchup.



Mexican rice bowl


This tasty rice bowl is a healthy option that is colourful and bursting with flavour.  It is easy to make, a lovely lunchbox option and a great way to use up any wobbly veg, salad items, meat or fish you have to use up.


The basic rice bowl is vegan but you can add any protein you like if you want to 'beef' it up a little, our favourite is a bit of cajun salmon.



Scrambled eggs on toast


Simple, filling, cheap and easy to make this real comfort food makes a nice change and can be whipped up in a hurry.


It might not seem anything fancy but really is a tasty, quick lunch that you might never think about.




Goat herd salad


This salad tastes great and no two mouthfuls are quite the same.  It can be made the evening before or rustled up in a rush and is lunchbox friendly too.


A great meat-free option that will keep you going all afternoon it can easily be made vegan.




Mushroom, cannellini and stilton soup


This is a great batch cook option that can be easily portioned up, freezes well and heated up in the microwave or on the stove.  The beans make it a really filling, warming option for a cold day.




Spanish potatoes


These tasty Spanish potatoes might take a little longer to make but can be made and enjoyed for several days.  They are just as nice cold the next day as they are warm the day they are made.


If you're avoiding meat or just want to cut back it's really simple to make this dish vegetarian or even vegan.





An omelette is a quick, easy way to use up any little bits of veg, meat or cheese you have in the kitchen that is often overlooked.  This warming option is easy to scale up (or down) and is a great meal in a hurry no matter what time of the day. 





Creamy salmon linguine


This simple option is easy to make, packed with flavour and can be enjoyed warm or cold.  Any little bits of salad or veg can be included to use up leftovers too.


If you're not a fan of salmon it can easily be substituted by cured meat or just missed out altogether for a veggie option.



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