Goat herd salad

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Abi Reid
3 Feb 2021

This salad tastes great and no two mouthfuls are quite the same.  It can be made the evening before or rustled up in a rush and is lunchbox friendly too.

A great meat-free option that will keep you going all afternoon it can easily be made vegan.

A nutty fruity goats cheese salad

Feeds 1



1-2 large handfuls of lettuce leaves, leafy greens or diced lettuce - a blend of lettuce and spinach is my favourite

1/6 of a cucumber sliced, diced or in sticks

8 cherry tomatoes halved - swap for a salad tomato if you'd prefer

1 small handful of nuts chopped or broken into small pieces - walnuts and cashews go really well

1 small handful of raisins, sultanas or dried cranberries

30g (about 1/5) goat's cheese log diced - swap for a vegan feta if you'd like to make it vegan

10ml of balsamic vinegar if you'd like some dressing



1. Chop the lettuce and leafy greens into bite size pieces and use to make the base of the salad

2. Slice the cucumber and cherry tomatoes and mix with the lettuce

3. Dice or tear the goats cheese into pieces and add it to the mix

4. Chop or break up the nuts and dried fruit and scatter over the top

5. If you'd like a little extra bite or prefer dressing drizzle a little balsamic vinegar over the top just before you eat it.  If you don't have any don't worry, it tastes fabulous without

6. Enjoy!



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