What Can I Do? Recycling

Recycling is quick, simple and something that we all can do without even leaving our homes!

We need to consider what we buy, how we use it and how we dispose of it.

By becoming mindful and thinking about the way that we dispose of our waste, we can save both the environment and money.

We have put together simple but really effective recycling ideas.

Quick Tips

Supermarkets are making an effort to reduce plastic waste and increase awareness of how much plastic we use. We can help by using reusable vegetable bags or even putting a basket in our trolley to store lose vegetables whilst we shop.

If there are plastic bags, consider not using them and putting a bunch of bananas straight in your trolley - think about whether you really need that plastic bag.

Rather than throwing things away why not be creative and see if items can be reused? A great example of this would be reusing glass jars to store pasta, tea, coffee or sugar!

Have you ever considered putting a recycling bin in your kitchen? That way you can recycle glass bottles, jars, cans and cardboard. For the energy it takes to make 1 brand new aluminium can we could recycle 20 cans.

did you know?

By recycling just one glass bottle, enough power is saved to power a light bulb for four hours.

Quick Tips

Why not take your lunch and snacks in reusable containers. Not only will you reduce the amount of packaging waste but you will also spend less on buying lunch at work! Another top tip is reusable coffee cups for your morning coffees, most places offer discounts if you take your own cup too! 

That's right, you can even recycle your water! There are so many ways you can reuse water around your home. Making pasta? why not use the leftover water (once it has cooled down) to water your flowerbeds?

You could even collect rainwater in your garden because let's face it we have enough rain in the UK, and use this to water the flowerbeds, lawn and more in your garden keeping it green and wasting less water! 




By washing and squashing items where possible, this makes the recycling process much easier and effective. It also means you can fit more items in your recycling bins! 

The way that we all recycle is similar, but some specifics differ based on which area we live in. For full details of items that can be recycled, and the containers required, contact your local authority.