What Can I Do?

Why is it important?

We are all responsible for looking after our environment- and by making small changes we can have a massive impact to the world around us. 

We all want to help the environment and keep plastic out of our beautiful beaches and oceans- recycling is the easiest way we can do this! Recycling is quick, simple and something we can all do without leaving our homes.

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shape3 Image of plastic bottles that have been washed up on a beach
shape2 Image of a plastic water bottle that has been squashed for recycling


Recycling is quick, simple and something that we all can do without even leaving our homes!

We need to consider what we buy, how we use it and how we dispose of it.

By becoming mindful and thinking about the way that we dispose of our waste, we can save both the environment and money.

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Food Waste

Did you know that around 30% of our general waste is made up of food waste? Approximately 60% of this is avoidable and could have been eaten or drunk if used up in time – we could all save £720 a year by reducing our food waste.

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shape1 Image of a food platter showing different ways of recycling food
shape3 Image of food being recycled at home, there are many ways to reduce food waste at home

Separating Recycling

Some household items are easier to recycle than others. We all know we can recycle cardboard, plastic and glass but why do we do this? We have some quick tips and tricks on the do and don'ts of recycling separate household items. 

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