Food Waste - Reduce Food Waste at Home

What Can I Do? Food Waste - Reduce Food Waste at Home

Did you know that around 30% of our general waste is made up of food waste? Approximately 60% of this is avoidable and could have been eaten or drunk if used up in time – we could all save £720 a year by reducing our food waste. There are many different ways to reduce food waste at home.

Quick Tips

Did you know it only takes between 9 months to 1 year to turn your food waste into compost?

This can be used all over your garden from your plant pots to your vegetable patches & means you don’t need to buy compost saving you money! 

Composting tip: Placing your compost bin on bare soil will allow worms and other bugs to enter and help speed up the composting process!

There are so many ways to reduce food waste, it is all in the planning! You can write a meal plan, make a shopping list, and check what is in the fridge, freezer and cupboards before going shopping. Make sure you stick to your list and only get what you need. These are all great ways to prevent the family from wasting food.  

We are all guilty of wasting a lettuce or two. Once you've opened your bag of salad leaves store what is left in an airtight plastic storage box lined with kitchen paper to keep them fresh, crisp and make them last longer. Just one of many solutions to reduce food waste!

Wrap the ends of bananas in foil to make them last longer... or chop them up and freeze them for a few hours and blitz them into delicious creamy (and healthy) banana ice cream! No waste and a treat for the whole family!  You could even add frozen berries for a fruity kick! 

Did you know

We could reduce 60% of our food waste if we used items on time 

Quick Tips

Some foods ripen quicker than others such as avocados, bananas, and white onions. Keep them separate to other foods like apples, spinach and potatoes to prevent the gas ripening and spoiling other food too quickly. 

Homemade vegetable stock! Peelings and any leftover bits can be popped into a pan with water and some butter (and some spices if you are feeling fancy) which can be simmered away into a warming wholesome veg stock. Great as the base for gravies, sauces and soups and easy to make! 

Take it to the next step and pop the peelings into the compost after you have drained the stock. zero waste! 


We all have eyes bigger than our bellies, which often means we make far too much food. 

Mindful portion control is a great way to stay healthy and reduce your food waste. 

We like this one because it is a challenge! This can be fun for all the family before you do your food shop go through the cupboards and see what adventurous meal you can come up with! You will be surprised what you can rustle up with ingredients you might otherwise end up wasting. A brilliant way to try new recipes and get creative in the kitchen. 



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