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Abi Reid baking away,  reducing food waste across South Yorkshire

Abi Reid

I was 20 when I realised that I wanted to work in recycling and environmental education whilst attending a workshop about food packaging with a school in Lancashire.  I’ve worked in waste management for the past 17 years in all sorts of backgrounds but always with an interest in education and engagement.  I absolutely love the industry and the way that it constantly changes and progresses, I’m particularly interested in the technology that we utilise as an industry and how this is applied.  I think my interest in reducing food waste comes from my love of cooking and being taught to cook by my Nan who would never let anything go to waste.

Waste area I am passionate about

Food waste and industry technology

Rebecca Wilson

I have been working in the waste industry since 2018.

I studied environmental science at university and have always had an interest in helping the environment and encouraging sustainability. 

Waste area I am passionate about

Fighting fast fashion through reducing, reusing and recycling clothes. 

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Alistair Beattie

Alistair Beattie

I am new to the Waste Less team so every day is a school-day, however, I love to learn about all things recycling!

Waste area I am passionate about

I have recently moved house which came with a very overgrown garden, so I am passionate about learning how to compost and grown my own food!


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