The Truth About Panic Buying

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
12 May 2020

Everything has been a little different for everyone over the past month. We have seen a lot of changes, and one of these things was the huge increase in panic buying and bulk buying. It has been estimated that millions of pounds worth of food across the UK, bought in panic, will now go to waste.

Empty food shelves at the supermarket

You all know us by now, we are big advocates of only buying what you need, and we understand these times are uncertain, so it can be scary knowing what and how much to buy. Below are a few of our top tips to make sure you don’t go hungry but to also reduce food waste.

  1. Batch cooking (freeze some of your meals and keep a variety of meals ready to take out as and when you need them)
  2. Meal planning (make a meal plan for the next two weeks for the whole house and plan exactly what you need to buy to see you through to your next shop)
  3. Use your leftovers (put your thinking caps on and start using up your leftovers instead of chucking them in the bin, you will be surprised how many other meals you can make from them)
  4. Use up your fruits and vegetables to make fresh juice and smoothies before they go off
  5. Adapt your recipes a little to use what you have (often you can swap items out to create meals that taste just as good!)

We would love to hear how you are all managing at this crazy time, what are you best tips for wasting less food whilst we are in lockdown? #SYrecycles or tag us in your posts and let us know your ideas  

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