Re-style your denim jacket for summer

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Abi Cox
7 May 2020

Re-styling clothes can be so easy and it can be done with household items we already have in. It is a great way to give a new lease of life to your clothes without having to spend a fortune and without throwing away a perfectly good item of clothing. Here are some of our tips to spicing up your denim jacket…

Denim jacket hanging on coat hook


Easy ways to fade your denim


Before starting, safety first! Make sure you have some gloves, safety goggles, keep your hair tied back from your face and we always recommend wearing old clothes when doing this too.


To fade your jacket, fill a bucket with five parts water and one-part bleach and stir well. Add in your jacket (or even jeans or shorts!) and make sure it is completely submerged into the solution.


Now, you can leave your jacket for different periods of time depending on the colour you want to achieve. For a slight fade, leave it for about 30 minutes. If you are wanting a lighter colour leave until the jacket is as light as you require. We wouldn’t recommend leaving it for any longer than two and a half hours. Make sure you rotate the jacket every 15 minutes to stop any patches from forming, but be sure to keep it all submerged.


Once you have reached your desired fade, removed the jacket from the bucket, refill with clean water and submerge to remove the bleach remaining on the jacket. Pop the jacket on a cold wash and leave it to dry.


Get the vintage look


Looking for a vintage or aged style to re-vamp your jacket?


You can use Sandpaper to lighten specific areas of the jacket to create a more distressed look. Use the sandpaper to gently soften the fabric in the areas of your choice and this will also lighten the fabric. Start very gently and keep going over the same areas until you get your desired effect.


You can also use a cheese grater but watch your fingers! Carefully and gently use the grater to scuff the denim and lighten the fabric. Using a little more pressure can give it  a real distressed look by making small tears in the jacket fabric.


It is as simple as that! Why not give it a go and send us some pictures of your new favourite fashion statement?


We would also love to hear your top tips on fighting fast fashion and you restyle your clothes! Put them on social media and #SYrecycles or tag us in your pictures.

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