5 ways to make a waste less cuppa- #ChooseDayisReuseDay

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
2 Jun 2020

We truly are a nation of tea and coffee lovers - A staggering 170 million hot drinks are made in the UK every day. However, with this comes a lot of waste. Here are some ways you can make your perfect brew using reusable gadgets - Helping the planet and saving you some money in the long run!


Reusable tea bags

Most disposable tea bags contain plastic linings, which means they cannot break down fully in a normal household composter. Instead, why not opt for reusable tea bags. Simply fill them with loose tea leaves and brew like a normal cup of tea. The tea leaves can then be composted afterwards.

Tea strainers and teapots

Alternatively, why not use a tea strainer. This has the same principles as a reusable tea bag however, we have found that they are much easier to clean. Or why not opt for the good old fashioned teapot? Simply add loose tea leaves and hot water, let it brew for several minutes and pour over a strainer into a cup. This is ideal when you are making a round of tea at home!

Coffee pods

39,000 coffee pods are used every minute around the world, many of which cannot be recycled. Switching to a reusable one will allow you to still make a cup of coffee, but can be used again and again. The leftover coffee grounds are perfect for the compost pile too.

Alternatively, many coffee pod brands, such as Nespresso, have recycling schemes available for their pods. This means you can return your used pods to them so that they can be recycled into new pods.


A classic way to make coffee using coffee grounds. Simply add it to the pot and press down on the handle. Like the coffee pods, the coffee grounds can be composted too.

Good old instant

Did you know that instant coffee is the best way to make coffee in terms of waste? This is because all of the coffee is used in the brewing process. Packaging from instant coffee is often made from easily recyclable materials too.


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