Ten things you didn’t know you could recycle

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Abi Reid
17 Jul 2020

By now we all know the common household items which can and cannot be recycled, but what about all those other household items which you might not be able put in your recycling bins.

Batteries can be recycled at supermarkets and HWRCs

We did our research and found some of the more unusual items which don’t always need to be thrown away.  


  1. Ink Cartridges office supply companies will often accept empty cartridges to be recycled rather than putting them in your black bin and some supermarkets have collection banks for these too.


  1. Batteries these can usually be recycled at the shop where you buy them or you can take them to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre too, although we try to buy rechargeable ones where possible so we never have to buy new ones.



  1. Glasses most opticians will take your old glasses to donated to be reused, or to recycle them.


  1. Mobile phones most large phone retailers will take your old phone devices, often paying you for them or offering credit towards your next purchase – so this one is well worth checking.


  1. Polystyrene if this comes as part of the packaging when you have appliances delivered, the company will often accept the packaging to be returned for reuse.


  1. Contact lenses TerraCycle runs a program which means you can now send your blister packs, foil and contact lenses for recycling.


  1. Inhalers these can often be taken to your local pharmacist for recycling


  1. Bras gently used bras can be donated to organisations like Against Brest Cancer through one of their collection banks or your local Oxfam shop.


  1. Carpet and rugs if in good condition they can be donated to a local charity shop.


  1. Furniture and electrical appliances local charity organisations will often take good condition furniture and electrical goods from you to be donated or sold.


What you can recycling differs depending on where you live, so it is always best to check with your local authority if you are not sure.

Do you recycle any of the items we included in here? Or do you have any other uncommon household items you recycle let us know by using #SYrecycles.

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