Kitchen reusable gadgets- Helping your food last longer #ChooseDayisReuseDay

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
5 May 2020

In our kitchens a lot of waste is created. Did you know that 1.2 billion metres of Clingfilm is used in the UK every year? That’s enough to wrap around the world 30 times!

There are many reusable items out there that can help us cut down on this and help our planet. Here are our favourite ones below:

Image of glass containers with food

Storage containers

Reusable lunchboxes and food containers are a simple way to reudce our use of clingfilm and cut food waste. They are also a great way to transport meals and snacks and help cut our reliance on convenience food - saving us money and helping us make healthier choices.

These come in all shapes and sizes and are useful for storing all sorts of food items from fresh strawberries to pasta to your leftovers from last night.

Why not reuse the boxes from takeaways to store any leftover meals? They make great lunches the day after.


Reusable food bags

Using food bags to store ingredients is easy and convenient, however the ones made from single-use plastic can create a lot of waste over time as they are only designed to be used once.

There are plenty of reusable alternatives on the market and we have to say that we love them! Just add your food to them, wash them out when you are done and then reuse all over again!


Beeswax wraps

An easy way to cut down on waste is to switch to Beeswax wraps. These can wrap up food such as bread, sandwiches, cheese and cakes or used to cover bowls and tubs to keep leftovers fresher for longer.


Silicone bowl covers

Silicone bowl covers come in a range of sizes and form a snug fit over bowls or can be used directly on fruit and veg to help with storage and reduce our reliance on disposable plastic.



Want to find out more information on reusing? Check out our reuse page here

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