Love the Clothes You Own!

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Abi Reid
11 Oct 2021

Many of us have experienced the frustration of having nothing to wear, even though we already have a full wardrobe.


This often leads to buying new clothes, adding further to the problem- impacting not only our wallets but our planet too.


Love the clothes you own

In fact, £30 billion worth of clothes that haven’t been worn in the last year sits in UK wardrobes- much of which still has the tags on!


As the fashion industry is one of the most environmentally damaging industries, it is important that we fall back in love with the clothes we already own.


Here are some top tips for loving the clothes already in your closet:


Caring for your clothes

Looking after the clothes we own correctly is important to help make them last longer.

Wash your clothes as little as possible to prevent fading and damages over time. 

Why not try spot cleaning and freshening up your clothes instead.

Check the laundry labels on your clothes to see the best way to wash them. 

And where possible, air-dry your clothes.



A shocking amount of clothes that are thrown away can be revived by doing some simple and easy repairs.

From replacing buttons, to changing a zipper, to sewing up a broken seam or patching up holes, there are many ways to restore your garments to their former glory.

If you’re looking for tutorials and guides check out the Love Your Clothes website for more information.



Items of clothes you love can be altered to change the size or style. This can be done by yourself (there are many great tips online and on the Love Your Clothes website to help get you started) or by professionals at alteration stores.



If you have clothes you no longer wear because they aren’t your style, try styling them differently. Play around with what you already have and see what combinations work well together (and what doesn’t!) Try wearing items with different shoes, jackets and accessories to see what they look like or layer different pieces together to create a whole new look.



Upcycling clothes takes old, worn out or damaged clothing and transform it into something new.

You can transform all sorts of old clothing, here are some of our favourite tutorials from Love Your Clothes:

What to do with clothes you no longer need?

Once you have rediscovered what’s in your wardrobe, you may find some unwanted items of clothing.

If your clothes no longer fit or are no longer your style, you can pass them on to friends and family, sell them online or donate them to a local charity shop or organisation.

You can also swap your clothes between friends/family or even try online (The Great British Clothe Swap is great place to start.)

When clothes are beyond repair, remember to recycle them.

Find out where you can recycle clothes near you here.

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