Looking Good and Wasting Less- Reducing Waste in Your Beauty Routine!

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
27 Sep 2021

Cosmetic products often come in single-use, excessive packaging, some of which is very complicated to recycle.

We know that is impossible to get rid of all plastics and waste, but by starting small, you can contribute to big changes.


Here are some of our top tips for reducing waste in your beauty routine: 

Beauty products

Try before you buy

Many beauty brands and retailers offer small samples, which you can use to test out their products before buying a full-size bottle.

By doing this, you will know if you really like a product and are less likely to waste any off it too. Some beauty product can be expensive so you will save money too!


Reusable cotton pads/buds/ face wipes

Did you know that many wipes and cotton pads we use to take off our makeup are made of plastic or bio-plastics? They are also single use too- meaning they create a lot of waste. It is estimated that a shocking 93% of blockages in UK sewer systems are caused by flushed wipes.

Reusable wipes and reusable cotton rounds are a great alternative to their single-use, disposable counter parts. There are many currently on the market and they are relatively inexpensive.


Plastic free products

There are some easy swaps you can make to reduce the amount of plastic in your beauty routine. Look for products in glass jars and cardboard packaging rather than those in plastic packaging. Most Councils will accept these materials in your kerbside recycling too- but be sure to check with them first!


Take back to retailers

Some retailers offer take-back schemes where they will take your empty product packaging and recycle it. They may offer you money off your next purchase or a free product in exchange too.

Examples include retailers such as Lush, The Perfume Shop and MAC- but be sure to ask when you are purchasing new products. 



Some high street and local independent retailers across South Yorkshire offer refilling stations on things like shampoo, conditioner, face wash and hand soap. Search 'refill shops near me' to find one close to you. 

You can also buy refillable makeup pallets. This way you replace the items you use the most without having to buy a whole new pallet.


Raise the Bar

There has been a recent rise in popularity in shampoo bars and we have to say that we love them too!

These last longer than traditional liquid shampoos, make no waste and are very easy to travel with.

Many other products are available in bar form too including facial cleansers and hair conditioners.


Recycle if you can 

Keep a recycling bin in your bathroom and bathroom so that you don't forget the recycling in there such as shampoo bottles, deodorant cans and perfume bottles. 


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