Are you a zero waste hero?

Abi Cox baking away,  reducing food waste across South Yorkshire
Abi Cox
7 Sep 2020

This week (7th - 11th September 2020) is the 13th Zero Waste Week.  This annual awareness raising campaign is an opportunity for everyone to get involved with an international week of reducing, re-using and recycling.


Zero Waste Week 2020

There are lots of different ways for households, businesses, schools and community groups to get involved.  Have a look at our top tips or head over to to find out more.


5 simple ways YOU can support #ZeroWasteWeek



Cutting down the waste we produce can be really tough but thinking about the things we buy, avoiding excessive packaging, buying second hand, upcycling and going for quality over quantity are great ways to cut down our waste whether it is in the kitchen, around the home, in our wardrobes, at the office or in school.


Re-use around the home, school or office

Whether it is water bottles, coffee cups, make-up wipes or even tea bags we all have swaps we can make to reusables that will cut down waste and probably save us some cash.

Throughout #ZeroWasteWeek have a think about the things that you put in your bin every day and find a reusable alternative.  Need some inspiration?  Why not check out our re-use blogs here



Recycling is second nature to us now but we all have the odd item we're not sure what we should do with... bleach bottles, batteries, reading glasses...

To find out what can go in your recycling bins contact your Council but for some tips on some more unusual things check out our Ten things you didn't know you could recycle blog


Compost at home

Composting at home is great for environment, easy to do and doesn't need any fancy equipment just a bit of bare soil, some love and plenty of time.  

Throughout lockdown, many of us have had more time to spend in our gardens, enjoying nature and watching our plants thrive.  We've also seen loads of people take up home composting for the first time.  Maybe you've fancied giving it a try but weren't sure where to start, we're here to help...


Get involved

If you're passionate about saving our planet, reducing waste and protecting our environment you can get involved by sharing your #ZeroWasteWeek stories on your social media feeds and encouraging your friends to get involved too.

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