4 Ways to Reduce Plastic in the Garden

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
15 Jun 2020

With growing season in full swing, why not make your garden even greener by reducing plastics? We have put together a list of some simple ways you can start today

Plant pots

Reuse your plastic plant pots as long as possible and avoid buying any new ones. Invest in pots made from hard-wearing materials such as terracotta- These will last a lot longer and keep costs down in the long term.



Many people use labels in the ground to help identify their plants, why not switch to wooden sticks instead as they are made from biodegradable materials.

Or better yet- invest in some reusable ones which can used over and over again.


Cable ties

As useful as they are around the garden, plastic cable ties are a guilty of being a single use plastic and are not easily recycled. Swap for biodegradable and reusable alternatives such as twine or jute which will do the same job.




Compost is important for helping your plants grow. Instead of buying compost and having to dispose of the packaging it comes in- why not make your own.

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Check out Recycle now’s guide for composting to get started today!


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