Get Crafty With Your Recycling

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
14 Jun 2020

We all have plenty of spare time at the moment, so why not grab some household materials we all have and get creative with them. These ideas are perfect to do with the kids on a rainy day, when we are stuck inside or on the weekend. Why not give them a try?

Egg Box Insects  

What you need

  • Egg boxes
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Glue

Carefully cut the egg boxes into the shapes you want, we used one section to make a spider and a longer section of 4/5 to make a caterpillar. Turn the boxes over so the ‘bumps’ are facing upwards. Using paint and any other items you want to use to create you design. If you don’t want to create an insect you can also cut them out individually, decorate them and use them as egg cups!

Jam Jar Memory Game  

What you need

  • An even number of jar lids (big enough to have a letter, word or picture in them)
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Marker pen

Before starting give the jar lids a good clean and remove any stickers. This part is optional, but we decorated the top of all the jars, make sure if you do, they all are the same so you cannot tell them apart. Using a marker pen you can write letters or words on the inside of the lid or cut our and stick images on them. Make sure there are two lots of each letter, word or picture. Leave them to dry. Flip them over and take it in turns to try to find the matching pairs!


Crayon candles

What you need

  • Broken, or unused crayons (as many colours as possible)
  • A clean jar
  • A candle wick

Clean the jar out and secure the wick to the bottom of the jar. Once secure, carefully melt the crayons and pour into the jar. You can use multiple colours and layer them or just use one, it is entirely up to you. Once you have added all the crayons and they have completely set in the jar, trim the wick and your candle is ready to use.


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