Top Tips for shopping clothes at the charity shop

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
12 Jan 2024

In a world full of fast fashion brands, many of us are looking to make our wardrobe more sustainable.


Buying preloved clothes from the charity shop is not only great for our wallets, it also is great for the planet as it saves unwanted items of clothing going to landfill and supports local charities.


When entering a charity shop, it can seem very daunting but don't worry! Here are some top tips to help you find the best items:

Shopping at a charity shop

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Go in with an open mind

Looking for clothes in a charity shop can be overwhelming at first as they stock a lot of different items, styles, brands, and sizes. You never know what you are going to find so have a look at all that’s available and choose the things you like and think about how you would style them.


Find versatile items

When looking for items, look for clothes you can wear to many different occasions which can be styled to suit different trends.


Look for special rails
Charity shops occasionally receive donations of lightly used or even brand-new designer items. Often these are placed on a special rail so keep an eye out or ask the staff.


Try on before you buy

If possible, try on the clothes before you buy them to check that they fit you and suit your style. Sizing varies from different eras and brands, so even if you know your size, it may not fit as like a modern piece. Vintage clothing sizes tend to run smaller as well, so it is important to try before you buy!  Trying on the clothes also gives you opportunity to look to see if there are any faults or stains.


Look another day/time
Charity shops often restock throughout the day- so even if you don’t find something one day, you may find something another day or at a different time.


Pass it on
If you have any unwanted items of clothing that are still in a reasonable condition, make sure you pass them onto a charity shop. Make sure they are accepting donations first before you set off.

Find your nearest charity shop here.


With these tips, you can help reduce the impact of our clothes on the planet.

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