Throwing food away feeds climate change

Abi Reid baking away,  reducing food waste across South Yorkshire
Abi Reid
21 Jun 2021

70% of the food wasted in the UK comes from our homes. This is not only affecting our wallets but also our planet.

Food waste is having an effect on our planet.

Even though many of us are concerned about climate change, studies have shown that 32% do not see the link between food waste and climate change.

All the food we eat generates greenhouse gases in order to reach our plates.

Growing, processing, transporting and packaging the food we eat requires a lot of resources, energy and water. With nearly a third of all food produced globally being wasted, it contributes 8-10% of global greenhouse gases.

In the UK, we waste 6.6 million tonnes of food in our homes costing £14 billion a year!
Of that, 4.5 million tonnes is food waste that could have been avoided if it was eaten in time.

This avoidable food waste alone is responsible for adding 14 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent to our atmosphere (equivalent to flying from London, UK to Perth, Australia 4.5 million times!)

How can you help?

If every UK household stopped wasting food for one day, it could do the same for greenhouse gas emissions as planting 640,000 trees per day (around 230 million per year). It sounds like a huge task to reduce this waste, but here are some easy ways you can make a big difference in your home:

  1. Planning Perfection- Write a meal plan and shopping list before shopping and only buy the food you need.

  2. Know your dates- Check the dates on food and only buy them if you know you are going to eat them in time. Remember that best-before dates are about the quality of the food and use-by dates are about safety, and food should not be eaten after this date.

  3. Savvy storage- storing your food correctly helps it last longer. Check the packet for storage instructions or the Love Food Hate Waste A-Z of storage guide here.

  4. Perfect portions- Cooking and serving the correct portions means less food waste.

    Check the packet for recommended portion sizes or the Love Food Hate Waste portion planner here.

  5. Love your leftovers – Eat the food that you have already bought. We have some delicious recipes here for you to try.


Find out more about food waste here or on the Love Food Hate Waste website.

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