Simple Swaps to start your Plastic Free Journey

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
1 Feb 2024

It’s time to look at all the single-use plastics we all use. And see where we can reduce them through a few simple swaps. These small changes not only reduce our individual plastic footprint but also contribute to a collective effort to help the environment.


Want to get started? See our top tips below

reusable water bottle

Shop in style…with a reusable bag

An easy one to get you started! And its one that a lot of us already do- in fact since the introduction of the plastic bag charge, usage of them has decreased by significantly and about 9 billion have been taken out of circulation.

When you go shopping, remember to take your reusable bag with you. We know that a lot of shops have switched to paper bag alternatives, but it is still best to cut the waste all together and chose a reusable bag instead- plus it can save you money!


Stay hydrated…with a reusable bottle

A good reusable bottle can be your best friend in helping you stay hydrated and saving money. There are loads of places to refill for free when your out and about including most cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. Having a reusable bottle helps cut down the need for the single use plastic ones, in fact If just 10% of the UK refilled a bottle once a week instead of using a single use one, we could save around 340 million plastic bottles a year!


Get your caffeine fix…with a reusable coffee cup

Love a hot drink on the go? Love it even more when it’s in a reusable cup.

Reusable drinks cups keep your drink warmer for longer and sometimes you can get a discount from coffee shops for using them!

Switching to a reusable cup is a small change that makes a big impact, both on your environmental footprint and your morning routine. About 7 million disposable cups are used every day in the UK, many of which contain plastics that cannot be recycled.


Let’s have lunch…in a metal/glass container

If you take a lunch to work switch the plastic containers up for a metal or glass alternative. These materials are not only better for the environment but also safer for reheating food. Invest in a set of durable containers to make your kitchen eco-friendlier.


Keep it clean…with shampoo and soap bars

Change up your bathroom routine with solid alternatives to liquid toiletries. Solid shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and soap bars eliminate the need for plastic bottles. Plus, they're compact, travel-friendly, and often come in eco-friendly packaging.


Wrap it up… with beeswax wraps

Ditch the clingfilm and other plastic wrappings and opt for beeswax wraps instead. These can be washed and used again and again to keep your food fresher for longer.


Take it to the next level!

If you’re after some more swaps, look at swapping razors, sanitary products, tooth brushes and nappies for plastic free alternatives! But remember that embarking on a plastic-free journey is about progress, not perfection. Start with small simple swaps and gradually incorporate more sustainable choices into your lifestyle. Every small change adds up, and collectively we can make a substantial impact on reducing plastic waste.

Find out more about reducing waste and our impact on the planet.

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