Reduced plastic picnic

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
22 Jun 2022

With the warmer weather approaching, many of us will be having picnics in park, on road trips, or even just in our own back gardens! Sometimes these can create a lot of unnecessary single-use plastic waste. If you want to do your bit to cut down on waste and help the environment, here are some ways to reduce the number of plastics in your picnic:

Family on a picnic
  1. Starts at the shops

To reduce plastic waste on your picnic, try and buy foods that don’t come in plastic packaging or buy items in bulk and decant into smaller containers for your outing (works well with crisps, sweets, yoghurt, and fruits).



  1. Choose to reuse

Remember to take your reusable water bottle for drinks (or coffee cup/flask for warm drinks.)

Top tip: if you want to keep drinks cool, freeze your drink in a bottle and let it thaw throughout the day. It can also function as an icepack to keep your food fresher for longer.



  1. Cut the disposable cutlery and plates

If you need cutlery and plates on your picnic, taking reusable ones with you is a great way to cut down on waste, save money in the long term and you can use them again and again. Disposable cutlery, straws and plates can also litter our environment and harm our wildlife- so using reusables can help reduce this.



  1. Wrap it up

Instead of wrapping sandwiches, pastries and cakes in disposable cling film or tinfoil, why not use reusable alternatives instead. Beeswax wraps, food containers and silicone bags are great for storing food on the go and can be used, washed, and used again.



  1. Recycle

We know it can be hard to cut out all plastics from your picnic, so make sure you take home the plastics and rubbish which can be recycled at your home e.g., plastic bottles and drinks cans.

Don’t forget that soft plastics such as crisp packets and bread bags can be recycled at some supermarkets too! Find out more here 




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