Disposable BBQ safety

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
13 May 2024

Planning to fire up the BBQ and enjoy the great outdoors? If you are using a disposable BBQ please dispose of it correctly to prevent fires in our parks, countryside, and beyond.


Two sausages on charcoal barbeque

Disposable BBQs pose a hidden danger, capable of smouldering for hours after use and easily reigniting, leading to potentially devastating fires in parks, bins, and even refuse collection vehicles.

As we embrace the summer season, it's crucial to take simple yet effective precautions to ensure everyone's safety:


  1. Allow for Cooling Time: Before disposal, let disposable BBQs cool for several hours. Never toss hot embers directly into the bin.
  2. Proper Extinguishing: Use water or sand to douse charcoal embers or ash thoroughly before disposal. Eliminating residual heat is key, as many fires stem from leftover BBQ heat, not active flames.

  3. Handle with Care: Even extinguished ash and embers can retain significant heat. Avoid moving the BBQ immediately after use or extinguishing. It can take considerable time for it to cool down sufficiently for safe handling.

  4. Mindful Disposal: Dispose of cooled BBQs in the household waste bin, avoiding recycling bins as they're not recyclable.

  5. Countryside Caution: Exercise caution when using disposable BBQs in natural settings. Never leave them unattended, ensuring they're fully extinguished and cooled after use. Avoid BBQing in areas prone to wildfires, such as dry moorlands.


Remember, prevention is key. Avoid taking BBQs to high-risk areas like parks, beaches, or the countryside during warm, dry spells when the risk of fire is elevated.

For more information and tips on fire safety, visit http://www.syfire.gov.uk/.

Let's enjoy summer responsibly, keeping our surroundings safe for all to enjoy.

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