Composting with a wooden bin

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
16 Apr 2021


These types of bins are great for those with bigger gardens and allotments.

How does it work?

Materials are added to the top of the bin and begin to decompose.

The enclosed sides of the compost bins retain heat causing the composting process to speed up. The larger the pile, the more heat it will retain.


What can I put in it?

A good 50/50 mix of nitrogen-rich ‘green’ and carbon-rich ‘brown’ material is great for making compost.

Keep out any meat, fish or dairy as these can attract vermin and other pests.


See a full list of materials you can and cannot put in your compost bin here.


Where should I place it?

These bins need to be placed on bare soil for beneficial insects and microbes to get in and begin the composting process. Add a base of chicken wire to prevent rats and other vermin from getting in.


Where can I get one?

You can buy wooden composters pre-made or make one for yourself.

Check out the Gardeners World guide to making one here


Top tip

Cover wooden bins with a lid, tarp or cardboard boxes during cold and wet weather in order to keep the heat in and avoid saturating the compost.


Find out more about the different ways you can compost at home here

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