5 Reasons you should start composting

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
14 Apr 2021

Composting at home has many benefits, both to ourselves and to our planet.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should start composting today!

Homemade compost

Saves you Money

You can save money, as you don’t have to buy compost and fertilisers for your garden.

If your Council has a chargeable garden waste collection, you could save money or a trip to the household waste recycling centre by composting your garden waste instead.


Reduces waste in your bins

Did you know that much of what we throw away in our bins can be composted at home?

Some food, garden waste and other materials such as cardboard can be transformed into compost, meaning that less waste will end up in your bins.

See a full list of what you can add to your compost bin here


Benefits your garden

Composting creates a nutrient-rich plant food that can be used all over your garden. This makes your plants healthier and adding compost to your garden can improve the soil quality, reduce soil erosion, maintain moisture levels and keep the soil pH balanced.


Reduces climate change

By composting at home for just one year you can save enough carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent to using a kettle for a year or a washing machine for three months.

Composting also diverts food and garden waste from other waste treatment processes. This means less transportation and processing of the waste, leading to a reduction in CO2 and other greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere.


Personal benefits

Composting gets you out in the garden and allows you to appreciate the nature surrounding your home. This can help improve mental health and general wellbeing.

Composting is also a great way to exercise along with your other gardening chores.


Want to start composting today? Read our easy how to guide here!

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