Composting with a plastic bin

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Abi Cox
16 Apr 2021

This method of composting is one of the most popular ways to compost and involves using a plastic bin (most commonly shaped like a ‘Dalek’).

Plastic composting bin

How does it work?
These types of bins are made from plastic, which keeps in moisture and heat and encourages the composting process to happen. They also block out light, meaning that weeds will not re-grow in them.


What can I put in it?
A 50/50 mix of carbon rich ‘brown’ and nitrogen rich ‘green’ materials is ideal, this should either be mixed together or added in thin alternating layers.

A full list of greens and browns can be found here 

Keep out any meat, fish, dairy or cooked food as they can attract pests and vermin.


Where should I place it?
It is preferable to place this type of bin on bare soil or grass, it makes it easier for beneficial insects and microbes to enter to break down the waste and allows better aeration and drainage.
Try to place your bin in a relatively sunny spot, as the heat can help speed up the process


Where can I get one?
These types of bins are widely available in garden centres and DIY stores and can also be bought online.

Check to see if your local authority offers a discount on them here.

They also come in a range of different sizes, so you can find the best one for your garden and how much waste you need to compost


Top tip!
Turning the compost can accelerate the process however, it is not essential and will still break down on its own.


Find out more about the different ways you can compost at home here

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