Composting with a Hotbin

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
16 Apr 2021

Hotbin composters are a relatively new way of composting. Although they have a high initial cost, they are designed to compost waste at a much faster rate.

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How does it work?

Hotbins are made from an insulating material designed to trap heat and speed up the composting process. It typically takes 30-90 days to make compost from waste using a Hotbin system (it usually takes at least 6 months with other bins).


What can I put in it?

Like other compost bins, you can add garden waste to Hotbins. Because of the high temperatures, the bin is also able to compost food waste you wouldn’t put in a cold compost bin, such as cooked meat.  The temperature kills off any pathogens, fly eggs and larvae. However, the recommendation is that you should only compost these materials when the temperature is 40°C plus (Hot composting stage).  In order to maintain the hot composting stage, at least 5kg of waste needs to be added every week.

Waste should be premixed before adding: for every full caddy of kitchen waste, add half a caddy of paper or card and a fifth of partly composted woodchip (referred to as a bulking agent),this can be bought with a Hotbin)


Where should I place it?

Hotbins need to be placed outside and on any firm and level surface such as soil, gravel or paving stones. They may produce a small amount of leachate, which may stain patios. 


Where can I get one?

Hotbins are available to buy online and from some gardening and DIY stores.


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