Composting with a Bokashi bin

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
16 Apr 2021

A Bokashi bin is ideal for those with a small garden or no garden at all. This system transforms food waste (including meat, fish and cheese) into nutrient-rich compost using a small compact system that you can place in your kitchen.

Bokashi bin on compost heap

How does it work?
This system is an airless system, which uses bacteria that thrive without air to ferment food waste.

The Bokashi system involves a bucket with two parts. The top bucket has holes drilled in the bottom so that liquids can collect in the second bucket underneath.
Food scraps are added to the top of the composter along with a sprinkling of Bokashi mix (a combination of bran and friendly micro-organisms).

Push the material down firmly to squeeze out any liquids and remove as much air as possible.

Add the lid and make sure it is fully closed and sealed. You should regularly drain the liquid using the tap (it can be used as fertiliser for your garden when watered down).

After a few weeks, the processed material can either be buried, where it will rapidly break down in the soil, or added to your compost heap to break down further.


What can I put in it?

In your Bokashi bin, you can compost food scraps & leftovers such as:
- Fruit & Veg
- Dairy Products
- Meat & Bones
- Fish
- Prepared meals


Where should I place it?
Unlike other composting systems, Bokashi systems do not produce any unpleasant odours and can be placed and used in the kitchen, or some other warm part of your home.


Where can I get one?
Bokashi bins are widely available online, as well as some gardening and DIY stores.


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