Swap Don't Shop Your Clothes!

Abi Reid baking away,  reducing food waste across South Yorkshire
Abi Reid
9 Aug 2022

Clothes swap shops are a fun way to get new garments for your clothing collection (for little to no money) and pass on the clothes you no longer want.


It is great for the planet too as it helps reduce the amount of clothes being wasted.

clothes swap shop

Swapping is a fun and sustainable to get new-to-you clothing. About 30% of the clothes in our wardrobes hasn’t been worn in the last year- so let’s put them to good use and give them a new lease of life.


Hosting a clothes swap can be done with friends, family members or even your local community group.


You can theme your swap to anything you like including:

  • School uniform
  • Halloween costumes
  • Baby clothes
  • Formal wear
  • Christmas jumpers
  • Or even just normal everyday clothes!


Hosting your own swap shop

Want to host your own swap shop? Here is a handy downloadable guide from Love Your Clothes to help get you started.

If you are a group/ organisation/ individual who wants to host their own swap shop and you are based in Barnsley, Doncaster or Rotherham, equipment is available to hire for your event including clothing rails and hangers. To book, please use this booking form.  Someone from our team will be in touch to confirm your booking. 


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