Benefits of buying second-hand clothes

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
14 Mar 2022

From vintage stores to charity shops to online auction websites to social media, there are loads of places to find some amazing second-hand clothes.

Buying pre-loved clothing instead of brand-new items benefits not only benefits you and your style but also the planet.

Here are our top reasons to give second hand a try:

Shopping at charity shops for clothes is good for the planet

Grab a bargain

We Brits buy a lot of clothes! In fact, in 2019 we spent a whopping £61 billion on our clothes.

Second-hand clothes are usually a fraction of the cost of new garments and you can find high-quality clothing from brands you know and trust. You can also sometimes snag high-end and designer items for a deal.


Reduces the environmental impact of our clothes

The fashion industry contributes 8-10% of annual greenhouse gases globally, leading to increased climate change. Furthermore, because of fast fashion, a lot of good quality clothes are being thrown away (some new with the tags still on them!)

When you buy second-hand, it reduces the demand for fast fashion and you help extend the lifetime of that item and reduce its impact on the planet.

In the UK, the average lifetime of a piece of clothing is just over 2 years. If we can extend the life by a further 9 months (by caring and repairing and buying second-hand), it would reduce the carbon, water, and waste footprints by 20-30%.


Support charities

When you buy from a charity shop, the profits are used to support good causes locally, all across the UK and globally.

Don't know where your nearest charity shop is? Find it using this handy tool from the charity retail association. 


Opportunity to add something unique to your wardrobe

For a small cost, you can add something unique to your wardrobe. You can find some timeless pieces that never go out of style or you can find an eccentric statement piece- there is so much to choose from!


Although buying second-hand clothing is great for the planet compared with buying new items, the most sustainable items of clothes you can wear, are the ones already in your wardrobe. Find out about how to shop your wardrobe here. 

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