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Abi Reid baking away,  reducing food waste across South Yorkshire
Abi Reid
27 Mar 2020

Did you know that 300,000 tonnes of clothes a year are thrown away in the UK? This is due to a rise in fast fashion which results in a huge impact on our environment and bank accounts.

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Each household within the UK has over £1,000 of clothes that haven’t been worn in the last year.


Can you believe that? Who knew that our old clothes could amount to so much money, it was certainly an eye opener for us!


Old clothes can be given a new lease of life with minor changes to suit fashion trends, for us it is a great opportunity to revitalise those items that we just couldn’t let go of!


Here are a few ideas to get you started;


Tops transformations


With Spring just around the corner, dig out any old winter tops that you no longer wear and transform them into spring/ summer wear. By reducing the sleeve length or changing the neck line, you’ll have yourself a new top to show off!


Are you or someone you know going to a festival or on holiday this year? Why not stand out from the crowd by creating your own funky tie-dye t-shirt or even t-shirt dress using an oversized t-shirt.


Frame it


Do you have an item of clothing that has a cool motif? Why not frame it and then you can add some unique style to your home whilst upcycling your old clothes.


Short it out


Don’t know what to do with your old jeans? Simply grab a pair of scissors and turn them into shorts! You can turn them up or leave them as they are to create a frayed edge.


Cleaning cloths


Do you have any items that you think really cannot be worn again? Worry not, they can still be reused, simply cut them into large or small squares (whatever you prefer) to use as cleaning cloths around the house.


Another great alternative would be to donate clothes with some life left in them to charity, this way your clothes can be rehomed and raise money for charity.


Do you upcycle any of your clothes? We would love to see your work! Share your creations with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by tagging us or using #SYrecycles.


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