Turn your fruit into something smooth

Abi Cox baking away,  reducing food waste across South Yorkshire
Abi Cox
9 Feb 2020

Do you have some fruit or veg that is coming to its end date? Why not whip up your own tasty smoothie? They are healthy and delicious!

Strawberry smoothie using old fruit to reduce food waste across South Yorkshire

Smoothies are perfect for using up left over fruit and veg which is a great way of reducing food waste in the uk – did you know that 30% of our general waste is made up of food waste? We thought it was shocking too!


We love making smoothies packed with nutritious fruit and veg, they are even a brilliant way to get the little ones to have 5 a day without even realising.


There are so many yummy recipes we love to make, they are super easy and almost any fruit or veg can be used, here are some of our favourite recipes to try!


Berry blast smoothie


Ripe bananas


Your choice of berries (blackberry, blueberry, raspberry or strawberry)


Apple juice or water




Whiz it all together until silky smooth and enjoy.


Not for you? Why not try this super green smoothie? 


Un-sweetened coconut milk


Lemon juice












Who knew leftover fruit and veg could be so exciting!


Why not get creative and make your own recipe? Or if you have any other ideas about what can be made with your leftover food then we’d love to hear from you, get in touch using the links below by tagging us or using #SYrecycles.

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