Sustainable School Holiday | Planet Friendly Ways to Entertain the Kids

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
1 Apr 2024

The school holidays are here!

If you are looking for some eco-friendly activities to do with the kids, look no further!

School holiday eco-friendly activities

Nature Walks

There's no better way to appreciate the beauty of the natural world than by exploring it first-hand. Visit your local park, nature reserves, or footpaths to get some fresh air and see wildlife up close. Encourage your children to observe wildlife, listen out for bird calls, identify plants, and learn about the ecosystems that sustain life around them. Why not pack a picnic (in reusable containers) to keep costs down and extend your time out in nature?



Transform your garden into a haven for wildlife. Create log piles, insect hotels, or bird nesting boxes to provide shelter for mini beasts and creatures. Plant native flowers to attract pollinators like bees and butterflies. Grow plants, vegetables and fruits as a fun activity that lasts throughout the growing season. Make sure to Involve your children in caring for the garden, teaching them valuable lessons about stewardship and environmental responsibility.



Join a Litter Pick

Get involved in improving your local area, parks, and walking trails by participating in a litter pick. Numerous community groups frequently organise these events, or you can take the initiative to plan one yourself involving your children. Prioritise safety by wearing gloves and using appropriate equipment to avoid direct contact with any rubbish (many Council’s will provide these!). Engaging in this activity will instil a sense of pride and community spirit in your children as they witness the positive impact of their contributions towards maintaining a clean and green environment.

Find out more about borrowing litter picking equipment in your area:



Low-Waste Cooking and Baking

Get creative in the Kitchen and challenge your kids to create a recipe that creates little to no waste and uses up ingredients you already have. Use reusable baking sheets and bun cases to make their creations, and reusable containers to store them to further reduce their eco-footprint.


Want to follow an existing zero-waste recipe? Check these out:


Arts and Crafts:

Repurpose household items into delightful works of art through eco-friendly arts and crafts. Gather materials like cardboard tissue tubes, old newspapers, and fabric scraps to spark creativity and ignite imagination. Encourage your children to express themselves artistically while learning about the importance of resourcefulness and mindful consumption.


Here are some crafts to inspire you:

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