Why I Love my Reusable Water Bottle

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
7 Jul 2020

Did you know that 13 billion disposable plastic bottles are used every year? Many of these are not recycled afterwards. Having a reusable is a great way to help stop this increasing. If 10% of Brits refilled their bottle once a week a staggering 340 million plastic bottles would be saved each year.

Here are the top reasons why I love mine and take it nearly everywhere I go

Saving Money

There may be an initial cost to buying your reusable bottle but this will pay off as a reusable bottle can last a long time. An average stainless steel one can last up to 10 years when cared for properly.

Carrying a reusable bottle is a lot cheaper than buying a bottle of water every time you need it. Just remember to refill it before you leave the house or office as many food outlets are still not providing refills due to COVID-19.


Keeping it Cool

This will depend on what type of bottle you have but many do have insulating properties that allow them to stay cool (or hot) for a long time. This is great on those hot summer days when you are out and about.


Unlimited Choices

You can get bottles in all shapes, materials, designs and colours! No matter what type of bottle you like- there will be always a reusable bottle that will suit your style and budget.

Here are some of my favourites:

Chilly's Bottles 

Sistema Twist 'n' Sip Bottle 

Thermos Carbonated Drinks Bottle

Bobble BPA-Free Water Bottle 


Helps the Planet

Although many Councils will recycle plastic bottles at the kerbside, it is still better for our planet to use a reusable bottle as it means less energy being used for processing recycled materials and less waste.

It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish- this will affect not only us humans but also our wildlife. When plastic bottles breakdown into micro plastics they can be ingested and accumulate in all food chains on the planet.


Want to read more about how you can reuse today? Check out our reuse page here

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