Love your leftovers – turn them into something delicious

Abi Cox baking away,  reducing food waste across South Yorkshire
Abi Cox
4 Jan 2020

How often do you cook meals but end up with enough to feed 5000? A little bit too often in our house! It is so easy to reach for the rubbish bin and waste perfectly good food but why not consider whipping up some delicious and healthy leftover meals with some of our food waste recipes?


A bowl of leftover lunch, help to reduce food waste across South Yorkshire

We could all save £720 a year if we reduce food waste, making the most of our leftovers is such a great way of doing this.


Have you ever tried making your own banana ice cream? Trust us on this one, it’s healthy, easy to make and so delicious!


Simply freeze them for a few hours and then blitz them in the blender to produce a delicious, creamy banana ice cream.


Here are some of our favourite leftover recipes to try;


Cheese, Leek & Potato Tortilla


Grilled Ham, Egg & Spiced Oven Chips


Honey-mustard Chicken Pasta


Moroccan Turkey Salad


Red Cabbage & Potato Hash


Versatile Veg Soup


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