Have an egg-cellent Easter and avoid food waste!

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
25 Mar 2024

Whether you are having a BBQ in the garden, a picnic in the park, a roast at home or an Easter egg hunt, here are some top tips to avoid food waste this Easter:

Easter eggs in foil

If you’re having a barbecue….

  • Check what people want to eat before putting it on the grill. This way you won’t cook too much food and any uncooked meat can be used in other recipes.
  • Remember that meat can be frozen once raw and once cooked and raw meat can be frozen right up to the use-by date. So, if you have any leftovers that aren’t going to be eaten in the next few days, just pop them in the freezer.
  • If people are bringing food, make sure that you all coordinate items and quantities so that there is no duplications and you don’t end up with a mountain of food.
  • Don’t leave food out to spoil. Once side dishes like coleslaw and salads have been served, pop them back in the fridge to keep them fresh.
  • Serve salads without dressing. They last longer and people can choose whether they want to add it themselves.
  • Portion up any leftovers afterward in reusable containers or bags. If you are going to eat them within the next few days, place them in the fridge. If not, they need to go in the freezer.



If you’re having a picnic….

  • Remember to only bring enough food for the people who are attending, you’re not feeding a whole village!
  • Like the barbecue, make sure you coordinate with others to avoid any duplicates and too much food.
  • Use a cool bag and ice packs to keep food and drinks cool and stop the food from spoiling. Top tip: If you don’t have an icepack, fill a bottle with water and freeze it. It works in the same way and you get an ice-cold drink too!
  • Store food in containers so it is less likely to be squished and damaged on the way.
  • Avoid soft fruits like bananas and peaches as they can bruise easily while being transported.
  • Take cold drinks in an insulated water bottle to keep them nice and cool. Instead of buying individual juice packs and pop bottles, bring a big bottle and some cups.
  • For hot drinks and soup, use a thermos or reusable cup to keep them hot.


If you’re having a roast ….

  • Planning is key! Make a list before you go shopping and try your best to stick to it. Only buy food for the number of people you are cooking for. Check out the Love food hate waste portion planner for help on correct portion sizes.
  • Remember, the more different types of veg you have the less of each you need to feed everyone.
  • Serve your dinner family style. This makes serving easier and people can take what they want. Any leftovers are then left untouched and can be eaten another day.
  • Store your leftovers correctly and use them in the next couple of days. If it’ll be any longer, pop them in the freezer.


Don’t forget the Easter eggs!

  • If you’re having an Easter egg hunt, make sure you note where all the eggs are so they don’t get forgotten about if they aren’t found.
  • Ask your kids what type of Easter egg they want, that way they are more likely to eat all of it!
  • If your kids aren’t chocolate fans, they might be happier with a toy instead and if it’s something like a construction or craft toy you can still make a great hunt out of it but make sure you know where all the pieces are
  • Wrap Easter eggs well after opening them so that they can be eaten another day.
  • If you have some chocolate left over, use it for baking.  Why not try this delicious fridge cake recipe from Love Food Hate Waste to start?

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