Fight food waste this Christmas

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
6 Dec 2019

With less than a month to go until Christmas (how scary is that?) planning will be well underway for Christmas festivities including the big food shop. It can be hard to resist special offers in December, meaning you can often end up with a lot more food than you actually need. This often results in a high volume of food waste.

Christmas dinner buffet platter, ready to eat

Worry not though, we’ve put together some top tips for reducing food waste this Christmas.


Plan ahead


When doing your Christmas food shop, make a list and plan for the number of people that you will be cooking for. Not only will you reduce food waste, you’ll save money too – which is always a bonus, especially at Christmas.


Fridge temperature 


Ensure that your fridge is set to the correct temperature as food goes off quicker if it’s warm, especially milk. Set the temperature between 0-5 degrees to keep food fresher for longer.


The power of frozen


A large chunk of our Christmas food shop can be frozen, either before or after cooking which adds so much lasting power to our food! From mince pies and roast potatoes to fruit and veg, there is no need to throw anything away.


Get everyone involved


If you are hosting a Christmas dinner, why not consider asking guests to cook food at home and bring it along? This is a great way of planning what will be eaten, which will help to reduce the amount of food wasted. 


Be creative with leftovers


Rather than binning any leftovers, why not whip up some simple and delicious meals?


Boxing day dinner is always a winner, this usually consists of turkey, stuffing, sprouts and all of the leftovers from Christmas dinner in our house.


Head over to Love Food Hate Waste for some brilliant, simple recipe ideas.


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