A Christmas Jumper is for life not just for Christmas...

Abi Cox baking away,  reducing food waste across South Yorkshire
Abi Cox
9 Dec 2019

OK so you might look a little silly wearing a Christmas Jumper on the beach in the summer but over recent years more and more of us have supported Christmas Jumper Day and sported reindeer t-shirts and snowman jumpers for school, college, the Christmas Party or work night out but how many of these items just get thrown out come January???

Well it is a staggering amount. The environmental charity Hubbub estimates that a quarter of all Christmas jumpers bought last year were either binned or won’t be worn again.


Now I’m not saying we should stop supporting great charities or having festive fun with our friends but once you’re done why not wash that bad boy ready for next year, after all you spent a long time finding the perfect Christmas jumper whether you were searching for something tasteful and classy or the most awful item you could find.



If you really want a different look for next year why not temporarily add your own embellishments to a regular jumper or existing Christmas Jumper, trade with a friend, donate your old one to a charity shop and pick a new one up while you’re there or modify an existing look with a bit of Christmas cheer.



This time of year, charity shops are inundated with Christmas jumpers, t-shirts and hats so why not pop in to bag a bargain, support a charity, save a jumper from the scrap heap and make this Christmas a little greener whilst saving you a bit of cash.

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