Plastic Free July 2021

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
1 Jul 2021

Today marks the start of Plastic Free July- a global movement that aims reduce the use of plastics in order to have cleaner seas, streets, beaches and communities.  


We know that reducing our plastic can be difficult, especially since many products we use are made from them. So here are some ways you can reduce the amount of single-use plastics (products made from plastic that are designed to be used for a short time) you use: 

Plastic drinks bottles in our environment

Out and about  

Every 60 seconds, 1 million single-use plastic bottles are purchased around the world, so using a reusable one instead will help reduce this and help our environment. Many shops, restaurants and cafes will refill them for free and some bottles are designed to keep drinks cooler for longer on really warm summer days. 

As a nation of tea and coffee lovers, we go through many disposable coffee cups (which are often lined with plastics) so why not take a reusable one with you instead? Some coffee shops and cafes even offer discounts on your drinks for bringing them with you.  


At the supermarket  

Since the plastic bag charge has come in, we have significantly reduced the amount of plastic bags we buy. Reusable bags are often stronger meaning they are less likely to break with all your shopping in them and they can be cleaned and used again and again.  

While you are at the supermarket, consider buying loose fruits and vegetables as this can reduce plastic packaging and prevent food waste (as you only buy the quantities you need). You can place them straight in your trolley or use reusable cloth bags.  


In the kitchen  

Single-use plastics like Clingfilm and freezer bags can help prevent our food from going to waste but did you know that there are some great reusable alternatives? 

Beeswax wraps are great for wrapping foods, keeping them airtight and fresher for longer. These can be washed and used repeatedly.  


Silicone bowl covers, silicone freezer bags and reusable containers are also great ways to cut down on plastic whilst keeping food fresh and preventing food waste.  


A lot of plastics in our kitchens comes from the packaging of the food we buy. Consider buying items in bulk, so that there is less packaging per quantity of food.  


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In the bathroom  

Sometimes plastic bottles are unavoidable especially for cleaning products and some cosmetic products, so try to buy these in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging per amount of product.  


You can also try products like soap and shampoo bars to get rid of plastic altogether.  


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It is best to avoid single-use plastics in the first instance when you can, however; we know that plastics can sometimes be unavoidable. Therefore it is important that, if possible, they are recycled.  


Check on your local Council’s website to see what plastic items can be recycled in your area and make sure you put items in the correct bins.  


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