Composting Campaign 2020

Rebecca Wilson, passionate about recycling across South Yorkshire
Rebecca Wilson
6 Apr 2020

With garden waste collections temporarily suspended, why not think about home composting your garden and kitchen waste? It makes a great nutrient-rich food for your garden and helps the environment. Read below about the campaign ran by the BDR waste partnership. 


Composting is an inexpensive, natural process that transforms kitchen and garden waste into a free, valuable and nutrient-rich food for any garden.


It is also a major boost for the environment.  Composting at home for just one year can save greenhouse gases equivalent to all the CO2 produced by a kettle for one year, or a washing machine for three months.


A campaign is being launched today to inspire more South Yorkshire residents to home compost their food and garden waste instead of throwing it away. There will be some competitions too!


Most children are now not at school for the foreseeable future so this is something they can do at home. The challenge for them is produce something creative to promote or explain composting.   It can be a drawing, a story, a poem, a play, a vlog, an animation, building a model…….wherever their imagination takes them.  There will be nine prizes available, one each for infants, junior and secondary age young people in each area.

Find out more information about the challenge here


A social media competition for adults will give them a chance to win a coveted hot compost bin worth £250 which super heats the contents and speeds up the composting process.


You can buy composters from most garden centres and hardware shops, although on-line only at the moment.             


Details of the competitions and how to enter can be found on the BDR website at


Read our blog about composting here


To stay up to date with the campaign, follow our social media pages!

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